look around this site and have fun! :3 the internet is awesome!
hello! my name is fin or fish or whatever u liked to call me :3 this is just a place for me to organize everything and a site for people who find my accounts to look at! (also to get a warning of my chronically onliness :').


7/30/23! added an about me :D

7/28/23 figured out scrollablity thanks to junior!! glory to grulovia! added stamps and dividers and blinkies

7/27/23! still learning how to code! added a cbox and another container stamps. need to figure out how to make this box (and the gif box) scrollable as well

site made 7/24/23! figuring out How to code and add those cool gifs and things.

other updates TBA

♡ copying is an act of love. please copy. ♡

to do list!

add all the links at the top

fix how the other elements look in all the other links

add to do list

figure out how to strike through text

learn html, css, & java

add like a. blog embeded into the site. Idk

figure out how to add those images on top of the containers

make more than one music track play